Surname Interests

The table below shows the surnames I’m researching, with the earliest date I’ve confirmed so far, the location and the type of record.  Whilst updating this page I have realised how much I took for granted when I first started my family history journey in about 2001 just before records began tobe accessible online.  One task for 2019 is to work through all the “earliest” records and check that I have the correct families linked to my tree!For that reason I haven’t added a location unless I’m certain that the original research was accurate.

Where I have added the type of record, I either possess  a copy of the certificate or have downloaded the record from one of the big genealogy sites.


Surname Earliest Date Earliest location Record
Aburn 1711 Towcester, Northamptonshire  
Batchelor 1810 Stepney  
Bickmore c1826    
Billings 1824 Oxford  
Blackburn 1856 Bloomsbury, London Marriage
Bodily 1714 Alderton, Northamptonshire  
Boyle 1813 Finsbury, London  
Briancourt c1844 Germany (Prussia)  
Brittain 1807 Manchester Marriage
Bunce 1682 Hertfordshire  
Bunker 1828 Finsbury, London Marriage
Card 1781    
Clear 1782    
Coombs 1780    
Couling 1824 Oxford Marriage
Course 1786 Towcester, Northamptonshire Marriage
Dorsett 1790    
Downing 1785    
Ferry 1794 London Marriage
Filler 1758 Cottered, Hertfordshire Marriage
Harding 1832 Lambeth, Surrey Marriage
Hopley 1794 London Marriage
Marsden 1830 Blackburn, Lancashire Marriage
Mason 1818 Ealing Marriage
Miles 1841 Lambeth, Surrey  
Neville-Sheepwash 1928 Walthamstow Birth
Nye 1807 Manchester Marriage
Palmer 1818 Cottered, Hertfordshire Marriage
 Pike 1853 St Marylebone, London Marriage
Pilcher 1735    
Price 1832 Lambeth, London Marriage
Pudney 1826 Maldon, Essex Birth
Ram 1818 Shoreditch, London Birth
Saunders 1818 Cottered, Hertfordshire Marriage
Sheepwash 1756 Faversham, Kent Marriage
Sparrow 1786 Faversham Kent Marriage
Turner c1833 Hintlesham, Suffolk Census
Videon 1761    
Wakerley 1871 Hammersmith Marriage
Wiltshire 1874 Bethnal Green Marriage
Winters 1780 Walkern, Hertfordshire  


4 Responses to Surname Interests

  1. Lynn Renee Tatnell (nee Mason) says:

    Hiya I am researching for my Cousin who’s got George Palmer 1759 and Edith Filler Palmer 1759 in his Palmer tree from cottered herts. I also am a Mason from Sunbury on Thames and my father was born 1888 Albert William Mason originally the family were from Finchampstead. My email address is If I am any use to you do contact me any time.

  2. Joan Warner ( nee Morgan) says:

    I am trying to find out about William Bunce a “Gent” of Fitzroy Square London. He had a daughter Harriet who married a James Morgan in 1845 at St Pancras Church. He is a many greats grandparent. Have you come across him in your research?

    • Hi

      I think it’s highly unlikely that your William Bunce is directly connected to my ancestors, who were carpenters in the Hertfordshire village of Westmill. I will keep an eye out for any possible links, though. Good luck with your research.

  3. Louise Humphreys says:

    I am looking for information on my Grandmother Edith Mason, who in 1917 had a son my father Fredrick Charles William Mason. She is registered as living at 33 The Stables Westwood House, Sydenham. We wanted to know if she worked in the house or what her relationship was with the owners of the Estate. Edith had two other children, Albert Joseph and Ellen Rose.

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