About this blog

I’ve been researching my family history for almost 20 years now and started this blog when I stopped full time work.  I  decided that it was time that  I did something will all the information I’ve acquired.  It’s no good just collecting paper (certificates, census pages etc) and leaving it sitting in folders gathering dust on the shelf.

When I started researching I was intrigued to find that although my more recent ancestors were Londoners, the families had arrived in London from various parts of England.  Then I ventured onto my husband’s family history and found a similar picture.  This encouraged me  to find out more about the growth of London and the migration from the more rural areas of England.

I also wanted to prove (or disprove!) some of the family stories I had been told.  I The blog ranges across direct family history research, taking in local and social history on the way, along with my love of old maps and postcards.  In recent months I’ve tried to look more closely at the research process, as I’m concerned that much of what is published online is not sourced and is often incorrect.    I try to be as accurate as possible, sticking to the facts and never accepting “hints” from any of the genealogy websites without checking the sources!


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11 Responses to About this blog

  1. Lynette Merson Davidson says:

    I may be related to you through Elizabeth Ferry. Please contact me off site.
    Thank you

  2. Mrs. Ashley Elton says:

    We share the same 2x Great Grandfather, Thomas Brittain. His son, Thomas William 1866-1912 is my Great Grandfather. Where do you fit in? Would like to talk about Mary too. Could you contact me on my email. Thank you. Like you say, we were born Londoners but have come from all areas of England – fascinating.

  3. JF says:

    Hi, we may have a shared interested in John Ferry died 1850, please get in touch off site,

  4. heather rogers says:

    Good morning, I have recently written a book which I named Letters To India. It is about the Briancourt Family, dating back to the late 1800s. This book was written after years of research into the family, It is on Amazon in Kindle and book form. However, I would be pleased to hear if you enjoyed the read, plus photographs.
    Best wishes
    Heather Rogers.

  5. Stephen Harding says:

    Good Evening,

    My original family name is Sheepwash, my Father and Grandfather both changed it to Harding sometime in the 1930s. Could you please contact me offline as we may be able to compare notes.

    Steve Harding.

    • Hello Steve, thank you for looking at my blog and telling me about your interest in the Sheepwash family. I’ll contact you by email in the next couple of days – it will be good to share information.

      Regards, Anne

  6. Jill Armstrong-Bridges says:

    Laurence Howard Mason was my father if you have any information about him or his siblings I would be very great full I met a number of his brothers but he hardly spoke of his family.

    • Hello Jill, I haven’t done much research on Laurence Howard Mason or his siblings up to now (apart from the story of Leonard Eric Mason which I couldn’t resist when I found all his service records online) but your question has prompted me to find out some details about their lives. I’ll keep you updated!

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