Billings and Coulings in Oxford


I returned to my BRITTAIN ancestors recently to see whether any new information had become available online. One of my searches over several years has been for the marriage of my 3x great grandparents, John COULING and Rebecca BILLING.

Ancestry has the following record:

par217_1_r3_4_024So – at last, even though Rebecca’s surname is shown as Billings, I seem to have found them marrying in 1824 at Oxford St Thomas. The witnesses are Charles DAY and Ann BILLINGS, so of course I needed to check whether Ann was related to Rebecca. After a bit of searching I found the following, all in the Oxfordshire Family History Society records on Ancestry:

Oxford, St Peter le Bailey

Ann Billing baptised 1802

Thomas Billing baptised 1803

Rebeka Billing baptised 1805


The parents are given as John and Elizabeth BILLING. Have I managed to get back another generation? Another quick search revealed that a John Billing married Elizabeth GREEN in Great Haseley, Oxfordshire in 1797.

Even more interestingly, a name jumped out at me from the same page as Rebeka’s entry. A John COULING was baptised at Oxford, St Peter le Bailey in 1804, the son of Thomas and Margaret Couling. Probably a coincidence but worth following up!

The witnesses to John and Rebecca / Rebeka’s marriage, Ann BILLING and Charles DAY appear to have married at Oxford St Thomas the following year, 1825.

Most of this is all conjecture – but if you are connected to any of these people and can confirm or disprove any of the links I’ve made – please get in touch!


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I'm enjoying early retirement! I have been researching my ancestry for several years and am interested in all aspects of family history especially local and social history.
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