More details from 1939: my great grandparents (Mason and Saunders)

I was fairly sure that I knew where  to find my great grandparents on the 1939 register.  On my father’s side, my great grandparents Herbert and Georgina Mason (née Briancourt) had lived round the corner from us when I was a child in the 1960s and I knew they had been there for ages.  They were living at  45 The Fairway in Palmers Green, London N13.,-0.085654,-146h,5p,1z

Herbert was described as a “heavy motor driver mechanic”.  With them were two sons, Ivor, who was born in 1912 and was a “warehouse packer” and George a “motor driver mechanic” born in 1915.  Thus I discovered that the person I had on my tree as “Ron” Mason was actually George Ronald: I had never bothered to check out his details.  There is also one closed record for someone at the same address, possibly the youngest child, Joyce, who was born in 1921.

Only one other great grandparent was alive in 1939 – Emily Saunders, née Ferry, who died in 1946.  I have her death certificate which confirms that she died at 36 Colchester Road, Walthamstow on 9th May 1946.  A quick check of this address in 1939 shows that the occupants were John W Saunders, his wife Elsie and their daughter , also Elsie, born in 1926.  No sign of my great grandmother, though.


Entering her details into the search brought up a number of possibilities but I can’t be sure whether any of them is my great grandmother.  The most likely seems to be an Emily Saunders living in Glenwood Road, Tottenham. She’s more or less the right age with a birth date of 9th August 1874,  and widowed, but at the moment I have no way of proving that this  is actually my great grandmother. I’ve never found a birth certifcate for her, although she was baptised on February 21st 1875 at St Matthews, Bethnal Green.   The other person in the household at Glenwood Road in 1939 is a French Polisher , Albert Weedon,  whose record states that he is married and was born on 10th January 1883.

Some more investigation is needed before I can conclude that I’ve found Emily in 1939.


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I'm enjoying early retirement! I have been researching my ancestry for several years and am interested in all aspects of family history especially local and social history.
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