Hannah Brittain – a snippet from Ancestry

I already knew that my 3x great grandmother Hannah Brittain, nee Marsden, had died in Colney Hatch Asylum in July 1881 but when ancestry.co.uk released the UK  Lunacy Patients Admission Registers for 1846-1912 I had a quick look to see if there was any more information.

From the records I learned that Hannah, a”female pauper”,  had been admitted to Colney Hatch on 2nd July 1879; so she was presumably a patient there for just over two years until her death in July 1881.

Some of the patient records are held at the London Metropolitan Archives so it may be possible to find out more about Hannah’s condition and the reasons why she was admitted to the asylum.

For now, though, I’m going back to search Ancestry’s asylum  records just in case any other ancestors appear!



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2 Responses to Hannah Brittain – a snippet from Ancestry

  1. ashley elton says:

    Hannah died of “Exhaustion from Decay, Paralysis (Stroke) and Diarrhoea” . Name of asslyum had changed to Friern Barnet at time of death.

    • Thanks for adding this – I do have the death certificate and mentioned cause of death etc in a previous post. Even though the name officially changed to Friern Barnet, local people often referred to it as “Colney Hatch” and were still doing so when I was growing up n north London in the 1960s. I don’t think I ever heard it called by the correct name. What I thought was interesting was the admission details in Ancestry’s latest release of records. I’ve found another possible relative (on my Sheepwash line) in Claybury Hospital in the same batch of records so am sending for that death certificate next.

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