The Ferrys of Fuller Street

After a holiday and several weeks busy with work, I returned to my focus on the Ferry family. I’ve continued to find the Settlement and Removal Records fascinating.  On 2nd September 1850, a 74 year old single woman, Mary Ferry, was subject to an Examination. She was living at 10 Sale Street Bethnal Green.

Sale Street in 1923

Sale Street in 1923

This record probably refers to  my 4 x great aunt who in 1841 was living with her brother, my 4 x great grandfather  John, and his wife Mary in Fuller Street, Bethnal Green.  It’s possible that John died in 1850, and so it’s not surprising that his sister found herself in need of support after his death.  (I still need to confirm the date of John’s death).

Mary states that her father, another John Ferry, who had died about 30 years previously, had “rented a house at 4 Fuller Street for a great many years. He died in that house and buried three wives therefrom”.

This  gives me some information about my 5 x great grandfather, another John Ferry – and another avenue to research!  Who were the three wives – and which one was my 5 x great grandmother?


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I have been researching my family history for several years. I'm particularly interested in social history and enjoy learning about, and trying to understand the context of our ancestors' lives. From the mid 1800s onwards most of my direct ancestors lived and worked in London.
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