Ferry Family Members in the Settlement and Removal Records

The Selected Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records, 1828-1930 on Ancestry.co.uk also provide fascinating information about various members of the Ferry family who had fallen on hard times. Amongst the records,  I was surprised to find that my great great grandmother,  Fanny Ferry, (nee Batchelor, born 1838) is mentioned several times, having applied for poor relief in Poplar in 1895. She had been widowed in 1889 when my great great grandfather Ambrose Ferry died, and clearly things had not gone well for her thereafter despite taking in washing and working as a charwoman. Presumably she had been unable to keep up the family home at 18 Old Ford Road, where they had lived for over 14 years. Since leaving Old Ford Road she had lived in Palm Street and Lamprell Street. Her daughter, Emily, my great grandmother, was also living at 16 Lamprell Street.

The records indicate that she was given “1 loaf, 2 meat” by the Poplar Union on 2nd December 1895 but was then removed to Bethnal Green a few days afterwards. Eight months later, on 7th August 1896, Fanny died of  “Granular Kidneys, Morbus Cordis” at the London Hospital.  She was just 58 years old.

The London Hospital, Whitechapel Road, where Fanny Ferry died in 1896.

The London Hospital, Whitechapel Road, where Fanny Ferry died in 1896.


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2 Responses to Ferry Family Members in the Settlement and Removal Records

  1. Julie Seals says:

    Do you have any new information on Max and Therese Briancourt?

    • No – nothing at all despite much searching. I haven’t found any firm evidence that the Therese Briancourt who died in Kensington in 1887 was indeed George’s mother – or that his father was actually Max Briancourt as stated on George’s marriage certificate! Neither Max not Therese seem to exist in any records that are online at the moment. I will keep looking …..but I am beginning to think that Briancourt was possibly an assumed surname.

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