Mystery Monday: Researching “Mrs Wakerley” Part 3

Despite a great deal of research I was still no nearer to discovering the origins of my great great grandmother, Mary Ann(e). On my great grandfather’s birth certificate her name is given as “Mary Anne Mason, late Wakerley, previously Davis, formerly Mason”. I have still not found a marriage which would give her the surname Davis, although I think I have found her in the 1881 census in Willesden. She’s described as the wife of William Job Davis, and they had 3 children: Ester aged 5, Mary A (aged 3) and William J (aged 1).

The children’s names correspond to the names of the children listed on the 1891 census. Mary Ann was by then married to John Thomas Mason. Her two children by John Blenchall Wakerley (Dorothy and Florence)  were in the household with her, and there were some other children, who although they are listed with the surname Mason, appear to be Mary Ann(e)’s children with Mr Davis. All of them were born in Kilburn. Esther was now aged 15; Mary A was 13, William J was 11 and Henry L(?) was 9.

I’ve believe I’ve found three of the birth records for these children:

  1.  Esther E Davis, daughter of Mary Ann and William Job Davis, was baptised on December 29th 1875 at St Augustine’s Church, Paddington.  At the time , this church was a temporary iron building; the permanent church was constructed between 1877 and 1880.
  2.  Mary Ann Davis, daughter of Mary Ann and William Job Davis, was born on 26th October 1877 at 10 Bridge Street, Willesden. Her mother’s name is Mary Ann Davis, formerly Mason.
  3.  Henry Lapworth Davis, son of Mary Ann and William Job Davis, was baptised on July 2nd 1882 at Holy Trinity Church, Hampstead.   ( A “public  tree” on Ancestry suggests that William Job Davis’s  mother’s maiden name was Lapworth – I need to check this out)

Holy Trinity Church Hampstead

So far, I can’t find a birth record for William, but, as the family story that has been passed down states that Mary Ann “had 5 children with Mr Davis”, I’ll keep searching and perhaps I’ll find child number 5 as well!


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I'm enjoying early retirement! I have been researching my ancestry for several years and am interested in all aspects of family history especially local and social history.
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One Response to Mystery Monday: Researching “Mrs Wakerley” Part 3

  1. Great sleuthing! You’ve got a lot more info now than you did starting out. What a great mystery, your Mrs. Wakerley.

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