The Brittain family on a day out at Jaywick

Brittains at Jaywick Sands

I love this photo, which was given to me by my uncle.  One the reverse is written “Brittains at Jaywick”.   Everyone looks happy and relaxed.  The picture may have been taken by a “walking photographer” on the promenade but it could also have been snapped by another family member.

On the left is my grandfather, Ernest James Brittain.  My grandmother, Rosalind, is in the centre, wearing a floral patterned dress and holding her coat over her arm.  Between my grandmother and the man pushing the pram are 2 boys, the taller of whom is my uncle Jim (born in 1926). Although I’m not 100% sure as I don’t have another photo of him at this age, I think  the boy in front of him is my dad, Roy (born in 1929) , and the smaller boy on the left is probably my uncle Ray who was born in 1932.

The photo probably dates from the very late 1930s , judging by the apparent ages of the boys.  Particularly interesting is the pram or pushchair, and there’s also a similar one on the far left by the wall.  The man on the right has a suitcase with him, suggesting that they may be staying for a night or two, rather than having just arrived for a day out from London.

I don’t know the identities of the man with the pram, or the woman next to my grandmother. If anyone seeing this has any ideas about who they might be, please get in touch.

My family must have liked this area of Essex, as my Brittain great grandparents owned a bungalow at Canvey Island, and my parents honeymooned at St Osyth in 1954.  Jaywick was, of course, a traditional destination for Londoners, having been designed as an upmarket holiday village in the 1920’s. People would drive from London on a Friday evening, enjoying golf, tennis, swimming, putting and possibly dancing and then drive back refreshed and ready for a week’s work.  For more information, some fascinating old photographs and lots of information about Jaywick’s history, visit


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I'm enjoying early retirement! I have been researching my ancestry for several years and am interested in all aspects of family history especially local and social history.
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4 Responses to The Brittain family on a day out at Jaywick

  1. Kate Brittain says:

    this photo at the top of the page is my great grandparents, my granddad (ernest james born 1926) and my great uncles!!!

  2. Kate Brittain says:

    my dad is your cousin!

    • Hello – good to hear from you! The photo on the blog was given to me by your grandad a few years ago when I started researching the family. Please give my best regards to your dad!

      • Kate Brittain says:

        Yes thankyou! I was doing a family history project ans i was researching into the family name. My dad was very happy when i told him about your website!X

        Kate Brittain

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