The Fishpond at Powys Lane, Palmers Green

Here is another postcard from the collection given to me by my grandmother in the late 1960s.  It shows the fishpond at Powys Lane, Palmers Green, and was produced by H. Cooper, photographer, of 100 Chase Side, Southgate.  It hasn’t been postally used.

I grew up in Palmers Green and have always loved this card as it shows how rural the area was before it was swallowed up by the expanding London suburbs.  Groups of children have gathered at the pond on what seems to be  a warm summer’s day. A few boys have waded into the pond and are trying to catch fish, whilst others stand on the bank.   On the far left, an older youth waits with a large perambulator containing a baby. Presumably he has been instructed to keep his eye on the child at all times!  Behind the boys stands a small group of girls. Most of the children have glanced across at the photographer although a few are more interested in the fishing.

I was pleased to find the card reproduced in “Old Southgate and Palmers Green” by Bernard Byrom.  The accompanying text states that the building in the background is Broomfield Farm. The pond was apparently known as “Littler’s Pond” but it seems to have disappeared around 1906/07.

The card represents  a very tranquil scene – but the pond, and the hours spent fishing there, would soon be just a memory.


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