A Post for Father’s Day

As it’s Father’s Day here in the UK,  I thought I’d mark the occasion with some family photos.  Despite rummaging through the albums I haven’t managed to find a photo in which I appear with my father .  He was always the one taking the photographs, so he rarely appears in any of the pictures. As a keen photographer he was very proud of his camera which I believe was a Rolleicord. Even in the 1950s and 1960s there wasn’t much spontaneity about taking a family photo. I recall a lot of preamble with a light meter as the settings all had to be adjusted for each shot!

The best photo of dad that I can find for now is this lovely photo of my parents Roy Cecil Brittain (1929-1998) and Doris Neville (1928-1993) on their wedding day in September 1954.

Sadly the marriage ended in divorce in 1972, but they both look so happy here.

I was fortunate enough to know both my grandfathers. The photo below is of me  with my grandad Brittain in 1959 or 1960:

The photo was taken at my grandparents’ bungalow in Canvey Island, I think.  Grandad Brittain (Ernest James Brittain; 1905-1981) worked on the railway, and later at a sweet factory in Wood Green, North London.  I look as though I’m trying to escape!

Here I am with my grandad Neville, taken at Canvey Island at a similar time, maybe a little earlier.

Grandad Neville (Frederick George Neville or Sheepwash; 1898-1972) worked at the Lebus furniture factory.  He loved his garden, and a bet on the dogs or horses.


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I'm enjoying early retirement! I have been researching my ancestry for several years and am interested in all aspects of family history especially local and social history.
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2 Responses to A Post for Father’s Day

  1. Michael Sheepwash says:

    I’ve been doing alot of searching for a Sheepwash family crest and the brass is the closest i have come to finding one, can anyone help me find a copy of it ?

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