On the trail of Thomas Nye Brittain’s children

I have realised that writing this blog is making me focus on my ancestors in a closer way than perhaps I have done previously. Rather than just listing names, I’m now trying to find out more about the individuals even if they’re not in my direct line. Although I’ve researched my 2x great-grandfather, Thomas Brittain, fairly thoroughly, I hadn’t looked at his siblings in any detail until now.

The children were:

1.  John born c 1831 in Blackburn

John appears to have been christened on 26 Dec 1830 at St Mary the Virgin, Blackburn, Lancashire, England  His parents are given as Thomas Britton & Anna (could easily have been a misheard “Hannah”) and his father was a shoemaker.
  Source: LDS Film 1278804

John married Sarah Cole at St James Church, Islington on 2nd March 1856. His occupation was “salesman” – was he now working in the china and glass business with his father? By the 1861 census the John and his family had moved back to Blackburn. They have 2 children – Hannah (4), who was born in London in 1856 and Thomas (2) who was born in Blackburn.  If, as I have speculated before, the china business failed, did John decided he’d had enough of London?  I’m interested in his reasons for going back to his birthplace:  after all, he’d not lived there since the family had moved to Birmingham sometime between his birth in 1830 and 1834/5 when Thomas and Elizabeth were born and baptised in St Phillips.

2.  Elizabeth born 1834

Elizabeth was baptised on 8th June 1835 at St Phillips, Birmingham. Her brother Thomas was also baptised on that date. Is she the same Elizabeth aged 14, born in Birmingham, who appears on the 1851 census? Or did the first Elizabeth die young? More research is needed here.

St Phillips,  Birmingham

3. Thomas (my great great grandfather, born 1834 , died in 1903)

As stated above, he was baptised on 8th June 1835 at St Phillips in Birmingham.  He married Mary Couling on 20th April 1863 at St Pancras  Church. I’ll devote a separate post to Thomas and his family.

4. Elizabeth born 1837

I don’t know whether this is actually the same girl as the Elizabeth baptised in 1835.

An Elizabeth Brittain, daughter of Thomas Brittain, china and glass dealer, married Frederick Charles Slade on 4th February 1856 at St Mary, Lambeth. More research is needed to unpick the two Elizabeths – maybe they were the same person, or maybe the first Elizabeth sadly died.

5.  Hannah born 1840

Is she the Hannah Matilda Brittain registered in Birmingham in the December quarter 1840? I need to follow her trail to find out what happened to her.

6.  Ellen born 1841

Ellen was 3 months old when the 1841 census was taken. I haven’t found any records for her yet – or at least, none I’m confident about. I shall keep looking – because another Ellen was born in 1844.

7. Ellen born 1844

I have a copy of this Ellen’s birth certificate. She was born on 20th February 1844 at 11 Black Horse Yard, Marylebone. She married George Holt, a portmanteau maker, on January 9th 1865 at All Saints Church, Paddington. It was George who registered the death of Thomas Nye Brittain in 1894. It seems that Ellen was still alive in 1911, living in almshouses in St Pancras.


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