George Briancourt – still a mystery!

I’ve been on the trail of my 2 x great grandfather George Arthur  Briancourt. The first record I’ve found for him is his marriage on  May 7th 1868 to Ellen Mary Lovejoy.  On the marriage certificate he gives his father’s name as Max Briancourt, Estate Agent.   So far I’ve found no trace of Max anywhere.  George and Ellen had three sons,  George (born 1871) Carl (born 1873) and Adelbert (born 1875).

By 1881 George and Ellen had separated and she had initiated divorce proceedings against him.  I’m not sure whether they did actually get divorced but George went on to have a daughter by Esther Annie Blackburn – my great grandmother, Georgina Matilda Briancourt.

I have discovered several stories and snippets about George Briancourt which I’ll write up in later posts.   I would love to find out where George originated – the census in 1881 says he was born in Germany, and in the 1891 census it states born in Prussia (or possibly Russia).


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5 Responses to George Briancourt – still a mystery!

  1. Julie says:

    I too am related to George Briancourt, he being my great great grandfather. Carl was my great grandfather and his daughter Elsie was my grandmother. I too have been in contact with your relatives but have come no closer to discovering anything further about George’s father or mother. What a mystery! I have also tried with no success to discover the ancestors of Elsie’s husband (my grandfather) Horace Deighton. Elsie was married first to a Dixon then I believe divorced and married Horace. The Briancourt family tree is indeed a mystery and like you, one I would love to solve.

    Great to meet another relative.


    • Thanks for your message. I was beginning to think that no-one else was interested in George Briancourt, but there must be a number of descendants out there somewhere! It just seems odd to me that he materialises out of nowhere at his marriage to Ellen Lovejoy. It would be good to compare notes – I’ll email you soon.

  2. Julie says:

    That sounds great! I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Anthony John Briancourt says:

    My father was John William Briancourt, his step-father was Carl Briancourt.

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