A bit of a butterfly genealogist

I’d love to think that I’m a really logical, organised amateur family historian. Sadly the reality is rather different – I am really liable to get sidetracked and lose the thread of what I’m researching.  I keep a note book in which I write down the things I find from browsing sites such as Ancestry and Findmypast but all too often when I return to check out my discoveries they are almost random lists of bits of information.  When I started my research there were very few online resources but now the instant access and results from web searches make it too tempting to fritter away the hours in an unfocused, butterfly fashion, alighting on a piece of information here, a name there, a map on one site and a photo on another ……

The temptation is always to put in a surname into the search bar and see what comes up.  That’s okay for fairly rare surnames such as my SHEEPWASH ancestors but others result in thousands of results which are usually totally irrelevant.  So this year I am promising myself that I will be more organised – I will make a note of the reference of each piece of information I find, and I will focus on one branch of the family in any one family searching session.

Let’s see how I get on!


About familyhistoryfootsteps

I'm enjoying early retirement! I have been researching my ancestry for several years and am interested in all aspects of family history especially local and social history.
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