A silk postcard from the front – 1915

October 1915

In October 1915 my great-grandfather, Herbert Cecil Mason (1888 – 1972), was somewhere in France with the  Army Service Corps. He had joined up before the start of the war, on 22nd July 1914, and embarked for France on 14th August 1914.

On October 28th 1915 he sent this silk postcard to his sister Kate:

The message on the reverse is now very faint (it was written in pencil) but he thanks Kate for her “saucy” card which he had just received, mentioning that he had “got the bird properly over that”!   He tells her that the weather is bad: “It’s set in properly here – soup (fog?) all day long”.

Kate was Herbert’s older half-sister. She was born in 1879, the daughter of John Thomas MASON (JTM) and Catherine Sarah EADE, JTM’s first wife.

This is one of the two silk cards which sparked my interest in the MASON family and made me want to find out more.


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